Walk Hadrian’s Wall

Walk Hadrian’s Wall

by Brian Smailes


Price : £6.50


This challenge to walk Hadrian’s Wall from coast to coast is one of the goals of many people. Breathtaking scenery, fresh air and a sense of freedom are what you get when you walk the 84 miles from Bowness-on-Solway to Wallsend. You pass forts, milecastles and turrets along with numerous other historical sites on route.

Thousands of people walk this route, reading this book and following the advice and information given will ensure that you can be one of the many who will experience the unforgettable sights on and nearby the wall.

This 1st edition comes complete with information on preparation, equipment, and the walking route. The essentials like distances, accommodation and stopping places etc. are all covered to give you, the walker, a comprehensive book to read then take when walking Hadrian’s Wall.

Some people complete this challenge in four days; others prefer a more leisurely alternative, taking six or more days to complete. However long you take, enjoy the stunning scenery and the experience that is ‘Hadrian’s Wall’.