The Lancashire Trail

The Lancashire Trail

by Brian Smailes


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This series of short walks, which form the 70mile route of The Lancashire Trail, will take you on a picturesque tour of Lancashire through areas of beautiful countryside with meandering streams and leafy lanes. There are hidden pastures, reservoirs, canal towpaths and woodlands of this beautiful Shire-County to explore, with stunning views over Lancashire and the Cheshire Plain, culminating in a gradual climb to Pendle Hill with unsurpassed scenery all round.

Starting at St. Helens on Merseyside and finishing in the village of Thornton-in-Craven on the Lancashire-Yorkshire border, the route takes you briefly through built up areas, but even these have their own stories to tell of their industrial heritage. There are access paths to the route from Wigan, Bolton, Burnley and Downham, and to the south from Widnes & Warrington

This book contains all the information you need, with detailed route description, sketches and photographs to make your journey easier and safer. Come with me to experience the breathtaking views, stunning scenery, wildlife and woodland of this 70mile-linked route called The Lancashire Trail.