Lyke Wake Walk

The Lyke Wake Walk Guide

(4th Edition)

by Brian Smailes

Price : £5.25

This walk over the North York Moors represents a challenge to many people both young and old. Thousands of people attempt this walk each year, often to raise money for charity. The walk is generally considered hard, but with the right planning and training, as suggested in this book, even this walk can be completed with comparative ease. The walk is described in detail and is a guide to help particularly the novice walker complete this famous long distance trail.

Information is given on food, training, equipment, route and support teams route and checkpoints. Walkers’ comments along with my own direct experience over many years go to make this book essential reading for all who plan to attempt the 40 mile Lyke Wake Walk

This book is the official guidebook of ‘The New Lyke Wake Club’

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