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Brian Smailes

Brian Smailes

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Brian Smailes holds the record for the fastest 4 and 5 continuous crossings of the Lyke Wake Walk over the North York Moors. He completed the 210 miles over rough terrain on 5 crossings in June 1995 taking 85 hours 50 minutes. In July 2016 he completed his 57th crossing.

In August 2001 Brian cycled Land’s End to John O’Groats, a journey of over 910 miles in 6 days 13 hours 18 minutes. This involved carrying food, clothing and tent, and was completed without support.

In August 2003 he walked from John O’Groats to Land’s End completing it in 34 days. Another cycle ride, this time from John O’Groats to Land’s End took place in July 2007 taking 7 days 18 hours.  In April 2016, Brian walked from Lands End to John o’ Groats in 26 days 9 hours 15 minutes to take the record for the fastest end to end for his age group and complete the 2 way crossing for both walking and cycling all at separate times.

On a 2005 expedition, Brian walked the Inca Trail in Peru, and visited Lake Titticacca and Bolivia while in the area.

Another expedition in 2007 to the Great Wall of China involved walking sections in remote areas along the former borders of Mongolia.

An expedition in 2008 took him to the jungle around Canaima in Venezuela, exploring on foot and by dugout canoe the tributaries of the Rio Carrao up to Angel Falls.

In 2010, Brian was part of a team on an expedition to Chile and the mountains of Patagonia, exploring the flora and fauna and the glacial impact on the region.

In May 2011, Brian cycled from Paris to London then later in the year walked the GR20 in Corsica.

A second Great Wall expedition in remote regions of China took place in 2013.

Brian lives in Yorkshire but is currently walking sections of the UK coastline. He has completed Berwick to Spurn Point and is continuing.

Having travelled extensively throughout the UK, Europe and the Caribbean, Brian has also written international travel guides to enable the holidaymaker to access the world with ease.

Marathon running, canoeing and sub- aqua are other sports he enjoys, completing 27 marathons and canoeing the Caledonian Canal 3 times. Brian has dived all around the UK coastline as well as Thailand, Cuba, Venezuela, Egypt, Grenada and Mexico.

His next 2 expeditions will take him to Iceland to explore the mountains and the infamous volcano crater of the ash cloud of 2012 fame, and to Ciudad Perdida in the jungle of Columbia where a former lost city lies. The challenge of a 10 day trek in a mosquito infested muddy jungle terrain to reach it proves irresistible.

You can talk to Brian on any aspect of walking on 07771 915472