A Pictorial Walk up Scafell Pike from Seathwaite


Contains 220 images

A Pictorial Walk up Scafell Pike

from Seathwaite

by Brian Smailes

Price : £3.00

This disc contains 220 photographs of the walking route to Scafell Pike, starting by the Cafe in Seathwaite. The route takes you along the valley then up between the mountains to Sty Head Tarn and the nearby stretcher box. The views show both the paths and the surrounding area.

The route winds its way up and over the hills with spectacular views down the valleys. The photographs have been taken in varying conditions, sunshine, low cloud and rain so walkers can appreciate how good and how bad conditions can be on the mountains, and the need to wear protective clothing.

Important Information:

Requires: A Personal Computer with a DVD drive, and is suitable to run on most DVD players.

Part of the National 3 Peaks challenge.