A Pictorial Expedition to Angel Falls – Venezuela


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A Pictorial Expedition to Angel Falls


by Brian Smailes

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Angel Falls is over 3300ft high and was discovered by Jimmy Angel in 1937. It is the highest waterfall and one of the wonders of the modern world.

Angel Falls in situated in the Venezuelan jungle. The place is spectacular and is reached from the village of Canaima where a landing strip in the jungle gives access. From this point it is a journey up the Rio Carrao then onto the Rio Churun by dugout canoe to the falls, passing Indian settlements on the way.

A nights camp in the jungle in hammocks near the banks of the Rio Churun and a steep walk through it the following day then you arrive at Angel Falls. The view of the falls is spectacular and awesome. It will give you lasting memories for many years to come.

Returning to Canaima, you pass several table top mountains and jagged mountain peaks on your journey down river before reaching the mighty set of waterfalls across the lagoon, where a walk behind Salto Sapo waterfall provides a magnificent finish to the expedition.

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